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Aerospace History and Goals
Our origins in aerospace developed from consulting contracts in the aerospace community. Our customers have included Space Industries and other aerospace concerns. The basic tenets of the Commerical Space Research (CASPAR) Initiative were formed when we recognized that both the cost and complexity of space access had resulted in only government and large corporate entities having the ability to develop launch vehicles. Paragon has designed and developed a low-cost launch vehicle capable of true space access, demonstrating that space access can be provided at a vastly reduced cost by a small group of motivated individuals.

We offer our Dragoon suborbital launch vehicle to small business units, academic institutions, and other organizations unable to afford the cost of typical corporate space launch vehicles. By providing an alternative launch vehicle to an underserved market, we support the nano and pico class market such as Cubesats and other commercial small satellite payloads which currently have few launch options. Some of the significant advantages of our offering include a dedicated launch service, competitive pricing, and domestic servicing.

In addition to our suborbital offering, Paragon is developing Vertical Takeoff / Vertical Landing (VTVL) technologies. Our vehicle, the Volkon, is a privately developed launch vehicle that has already demonstrated all the necessary subsystem components. Our team is composed of industry experts from all the necessary subsystem disciplines, molded into a "skunk-works" environment to ensure rapid prototyping and development. Our team members are recognized industry leaders from aerospace, manufacturing, controls design, software engineering, electronics design, custom fabrication, and program management.

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